Jens Hage (highdancer) wrote,
Jens Hage


The 7th Street cabal could be accurately called the 'St. Paul, etcetera' cabal. Anyone not fitting into the other cabals, either intentionally or otherwise, tends to end up at 7th Street.

The 7th Street cabal meets on 7th Street, either at Mickey's Diner or the Famous Dave's next door. Visiting 7th Street for ribs is a relatively popular pasttime. Since 7th Street doesn't have an overriding theme a la Capital or Cathedral or a geographic center like Frogtown (most 7th Street mages don't live on or even near 7th Street) the mages are varied and occasionally even laid back. Despite this, or because of the variety of mages, 7th Street is one of the more effective cabals Seraphim has. They tend to act as her troubleshooters, employing a more human touch than Landmark or Frogtown would.

7th Street is an independent group; they meet who they like, do what they like and care little for Seraphim's dictates. They make every effort to do the right thing over the popular thing and their success rate doing so indicates they may be on the right track.
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