Jens Hage (highdancer) wrote,
Jens Hage

All The Pretty People Doing Pretty Things

The Art of Art is defined by the man who assembled it and led it to prominence. It is even more defined by his gradual disconnect with his followers.

Pan formed the Art of Art as the original Fraternal Order started to disintegrate, throwing Minneapolis up for grabs in the late 60s. The Art of Art was a performance/praxis group, fashionably socialist with just a hint of decadence. As it formed, there was little to distinguish it from any of the other cabals popping up as the Order lost their grip on the city.

Pan's masterstroke was to somehow spirit away the accumulated library of the Order, hiding it in a place that has remained hidden to this day. The most probably rumor is that Pan managed to convince Jupiter, the Mastigos leader of the Order, to hide the library from Jupiter's rivals (how Pan persuaded Jupiter is not often elaborated). Jupiter died in 1971, supposedly accidentally, though, again, Pan is generally credited with assassinating him.

With the power of access to the library backing him, Pan assembled a loose coalition. Once it became clearer who was going to win, Pan's collection of friends snowballed and he ascended to leadership in 1974. The ascension wasn't clean and a few years of chaos (paralleling Seraphim's purges in St. Paul) was necessary. Pan and Seraphim clashed repeatedly through the Seventies and Eighties, but when the Gray Lady engineered her coup in 1991 (reminiscent of Pan's ursupation of the Order), Pan seemed to lose interest in competing.

The Art of Art is based in the Walker Arts Center and the Guthrie Theater. The recent building of the new Guthrie Theater has led to two 'factions' of Art forming, the older and larger part staying with Pan at the Walker and the more ambititious second faction assembling around Swann at the Guthrie. The Art is a social cabal, throwing parties for the rich and famous and beautiful, making connections to further their objectives. A fundraiser run by the Art of Art can see hundreds of thousands of dollars change hands in a night and an Art member can find a way to access nearly any person of importance in the Cities. Art members are excellent glad-handers.

Currently Pan is sinking deeper into a self-imposed mire, drinking too much, paying too much attention to the attractive friends his social circle brings and paying very little attention to actually running anything. De facto control of the cabal has falled to the Moros Swann, but not everyone inside the Art is comfortable with this. With the disarray inside Art, the other Minneapolis cabals have scented blood and are waiting to see if Art can maintain itself, either by Pan waking up or in a brief, bloodless purge. If Art continues to fall, or if Art rips itself to shreds in a civil war, there are more than enough people ready to ursurp its place and friends.
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