Jens Hage (highdancer) wrote,
Jens Hage

Down In The Boondocks

The University Avenue corridor starts out just north of the capitol building and extends east to Minneapolis. Perhaps only three blocks east of the capital begins the multi-cultural, economically questionable part of the avenue, defining part of Frogtown.

Frogtown's cabal is made up of local boys and girls attempting to make good while still staying at home. The Frogtown neighborhood is probably the worst in St. Paul and the cabal that calls it home is a bit on the roughside. Like University Avenue, almost anyone can make it in Frogtown, given enough stubbornness. The cabal is made up of all ethnicities, containing Somali refugees, Hmong, former refugees, Vietnamese and part of the black community moved from Rondo by I-94.
Generally Frogtown members have a chip on their shoulder, prepared to prove themselves given any opportunity. They take pride in the effort it took for them to get where they are and are quite willing to prove it. Frogtown mages are often more intense than others of their type (terrifying in the case of Obrimos) and value a good education more than most. However they also tend to have slightly worse than average impulse control.

Frogtown has close ties to Seraphim. The uptight Obrimos was one of the first to reach out to the new Frogtown cabal in the early 80s and they've stuck by her as she's stuck by them. Mostly unsubstantiated rumors put Frogtown in the role of Seraphim's illegal operators, serving a covert role similar to Landmark's overt role. Some people have noted that Seraphim often acts as a surrogate mother to the cabal, an authority figure who accepts them. This is not often commented on in earshot of a Frogtown mage.
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