Jens Hage (highdancer) wrote,
Jens Hage

Fly Me To The Moon

The Spirit of St. Louis is a cabal based out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport and more specifically out of the Lindberg Terminal. All members of the Spirit are dedicated aviation buffs and the cabal is made by and for travellers.

The Spirit first formed in the early Fifties during the age of elegant air travel. The cabal was made of crew members, mostly pilots and co-pilots. They accepted their first flight attendant/stewardess in 1968 and have been co-ed ever since. The cabal slid easily into Pan's structure; they have very little interest in 'real' politics and offer a sort of vague support to whatever happens to be garnering attention at the time. Since most of the members tend to spend an inordinate amount of time traveling, the cabal is often down to a single caretaker to attend any official business.

Although most people are familiar with the member of Spirit as aviation buffs, relatively few think about the lower cabal of Spirit. This 'second' internal cabal is made up not of pilots and air crews, but of maintenance and other workers at the airport. After the 9/11 attacks, the Spirit assembled a group of mages that could watch out for trouble and help keep the airport safe. They surrepitously check not only for traditional threats, but watch for any magical problems attempting to enter the Cities via air. This cabal receives support not only from the Art of Art (mostly from the ambitious and relatively sharp Swann) but from the Grey Lady as well. The relationship between the 'flying' cabal and the 'ground' cabal seems relatively secure, but Pan (well, Swann) spends time worrying about the Lady splitting off the ground cabal and backing them as her own.
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