Jens Hage (highdancer) wrote,
Jens Hage

By The Pricking Of My Thumbs

The Scottish Cabal came out of the Summer of Mastigos (August to September 2003) that saw six new college-age Mastigos mages arrive in the Twin Cities. Five of those six (Jazz, Smoke, Songbird, Antioch and Eve) bypassed the usual college cabals of College and the Gopher Glee Club. Antioch joined Cathedral, Eve gravitated to 7th Street and Smoke, Jazz and Songbird formed the Scottish Cabal.

From the start, the Scottish Cabal annoyed and scared people. They embraced every stereotype of Mastigos and took it to the point of parody with a hint of amusement. Despite the fact that the Scots seemed to be making a joke, no one entirely believed it. They openly flaunted the fact that two of the members were the mind-controlled thralls of the leader, but the leader changed nearly every week, as did their behavior. While no one has confirmed the status of the members, it is well known that all members stay in constant mental contact, giving them the ability to talk without being overheard and to spread information at the speed of thought. They were also openly promiscuous, all three showing no sign of morals or inhibitions.

Demon-worshipping, mind-controlled perverts is not a portfolio destined for much success in the face of Seraphim and the cabal found themselves fighting an uphill battle from the start. Seraphim leaned heavily on College to root out the Scots, leading to the infamous censure of Songbird. Songbird had been seen on the campus of St. Thomas and Seraphim had urged Machiavelli to lodge a complaint against the Scottish Cabal for attempting to gain access to the College library without permission. However, when Seraphim quizzed Songbird as to her destination on the St. Thomas campus, Songbird's answer was that she was trying to pick up drunk sorority chicks. No one said anything. Songbird then clarified that she really meant drunk sorority chicks with small noses. Subsequent, very nearly violent, cross-examination showed that Songbird was telling the truth, in as much as any Mastigos would, and the Scots escaped with a one month ban from St. Thomas. Subsequent investigations have pegged the Macalester campus as the base for the Scots.

The elevation of the Scots to Public Enemy number 1 in St. Paul occured from August to November of 2005. A rumor campaign targeted Antioch as a spy for the Scots, either that she had been turned or had been in league with the Scots from the beginning. Although Antioch denied it vehemently, more and more coincidences began to pile up and by November Antioch came to realize that there was no way she could maintain her position in Cathedral. She fled from the cathedral a half-hour before a squad from Landmark came for her, disappearing from sight. The Scottish Cabal denied knowing anything, but did so in the most weasely of ways, allowing them plausible deniability when Antioch reemerged at the Ascension Ball, being introduced as Ghost. This perversion of Seraphim's justice sent the Obrimos into an apoplexy and the Scots overtook Guadalupe as her main target.

Despite the fact that all the members of the Scottish Cabal are Mastigos, there is no known link between them and the Grey Lady. The austere and restrained Grey Lady seems an odd match for the libertine Scots, but they seem to amuse her and she gives them a bit of leeway (which they promptly overrun).
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