Jens Hage (highdancer) wrote,
Jens Hage

Guadalupe, Rogers Street and the Church

Guadalupe is a cabal based in and around the Latino community in St. Paul (and to a greater or lesser degree with other Latinos in the Twin Cities). They are unusual in that they are one of three cabals in the Twin Cities with a direct allegiance to the Grey Lady (Guadalupe declared for the Lady in 1999) and in that they have made efforts to go head to head with Cathedral.

Guadalupe is currently headed by Quixote, with his second being Panza. The names are apparently intentional as Quixote and Panza grew up together and have been friends for some time. The cabal's strength lies along Roberts Street, south of downtown St. Paul, across the Mississippi river. The roster tends to vary; the accepted strength of Guadalupe is seven, but it can spike as high as fifteen or as low as three, depending. Many of Guadalupe's mages move in and out of the city on a regular basis, heading to Latin America or other areas of interest and returning to the fold when they have finished or need rest.

Guadalupe has two obvious goals: they want to improve 'their' neighborhood and they want to limit Cathedral (and possibly only Seraphim's) influence in the St. Paul religious community. To date the battle has taken place mostly in the Roman Catholic church, but some sniping has occured in the southern and eastern suburbs in Protestant congregations.

Although Cathedral has attempted to excommunicate them from St. Paul affairs, Guadalupe maintains excellent relations with Frogtown, with both cabals having a great deal of interest in immigration issues. Frogtown's Latino mages are also known to cross the river for a bit of food, culture and perhaps some inter-cabal discussions. Other than the Grey Lady and Frogtown, Guadalupe is also working hard to cultivate relations with Capital, in an attempt to influence the legal process. Capital, already on thin ice with Seraphim after a few too many dalliances with Pan and the Grey Lady, has not been amenable to discussion. Individual mages in Minneapolis maintain informal connections, but no Minneapolis cabals have official relations with Guadalupe.

Guadalupe is a cabal that seemed to be on a path to suicide. Seraphim has never tolerated any opposition to her rule and even less so to her strength. However, the discreet backing of the Grey Lady (who has vetoed a few of Seraphim's more virulent ideas) and Quixote's leadership has allowed Guadalupe to forge a new path in St. Paul's history.
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