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Who's Who, What's What and the Occasional Drama

Cathedral. Operates out of the St. Paul Cathedral. Official seat of the Hierarch of St. Paul (Seraphim). This cabal is older than average. Seraphim is currently the youngest and she's been active since at least 1972. Jerusalem, Rome and Constantinople are all patriarchal types, with the robes and the beards and large tomes of knowledge. They're also quite under Seraphim's thumb. Cathedral spends most of their time studying religion and magic; Cathedral has been confiscating libraries from their opponents for decades now and has the largest known library. Pan's Hidden Library is probably bigger, but the exact details of that one are known only to Pan.

Seraphim spends her time organizing. She has nearly limitless energy combined with a ruthless will; she's sort of an uber-nun with an uber-mission. She is tireless in pursuing her own personal goal, which seems to be nothing less than imposing order on chaos. Since she has imposed order on herself and her cabal, she's currently still working on getting St. Paul ordered. Should she ever succeed, it seems likely she'd strike for the metro, then the state, then the world, muhahaha. Seraphim was close to ordering St. Paul in the late 80s and early 90s, but the Grey Lady has spun St. Paul around several times, requiring Seraphim to run to stay in place.

Recently Seraphim groomed a young Mastigos calling herself Antioch (part of the Mastigos Summer or September That Never Ended) to add new blood to Cathedral. Seraphim had never been seen as partial to Mastigos, probably due to their not-entirely unearned reputation for demonic dealings, but Antioch was brilliant and effective. Antioch quickly earned a place as Seraphim's number two in the cabal.

Unfortunately for Cathedral, Seraphim's paranoia quickly flared up. The newly formed Scottish Cabal was doing entirely too well, acting as if they knew things they probably shouldn't have. Rumors began to spread that Antioch was in league with the Scots. Antioch denied everything, but the rumors continued and Seraphim began to take steps to purge Antioch. Antioch fled, reappearing a month later as Ghost, in the Scottish Cabal. The Scots claim that Antioch was never working for them, that the whole thing was a set-up to bring Ghost to them, but popular opinion is divided; many people think it entirely reasonable that Antioch was a plant.

Currently Cathedral is engaged in two major efforts. The Scottish Cabal is to be run out of town and the Guadalupe Cabal on Roberts Street is to either be suppressed or coopted.
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