Jens Hage (highdancer) wrote,
Jens Hage

The Who and What of Gray

If you intend to operate in the Twin Cities, you're going to have to deal with a myriad of things. If it's not Seraphim looking down on your lifestyle choices, Landmark attempting to put you in your place (DOWN THERE), Pan leching on your significant other (and that can include large dogs, so don't get too comfortable), it's sometimes as simple as trying to figure out who's the joker in Block E that keeps sending you pizza.

But you will always have to deal with the Gray Lady.

She seized power by deceit in 1992 and has spent the last decade and change holding onto it. For someone who started her reign by antagonizing both sides, the Senior Citizen (and I suggest you never call her that to her face, in a meeting around her, in public, in private or even in your head) has been not only completely successful in holding her own, but has actually started to expand her power base.

But why?

This is a question that occupied much of my thoughts during the period of time I was a resident of the Cities and it has continued to occupy it even as I settle down here in Chicago. In fact, it's been more pressing here than it was there. In the Cities, you just need to accept her. Down here, they need to worry about her.

What we know about her: Female. Mastigos. Powerful enough to apparently have earned the title of 'Master' (from Hector, visiting from Seattle in 97, Judea, San Francisco, 98 and the Judge, Baltimore, 04). It is worthwhile to note that all of the people referring to her as 'master' came from out of town. Takes her name from her shock of stark gray hair. Doesn't look anywhere near old enough to have gray hair. Hasn't demonstrably aged in 14 years. Ethnicity is unknown, probably pointless, but questionable: I've seen reasonable arguments made for Eurasian, Mediterranean, Indian and Arab. Clearly not black or pure Asian. Probably not purely Caucasian either. Skilled in Space, Mind, Spirit and Forces.

What we've investigated about her: first appeared in 1989 in Seattle, known to have spent time in San Francisco, L.A., Dallas, New York and Baltimore previous to her arrival here. This places her age at roughly 35 to 40, younger than both Pan and Seraphim.

What we don't know: No cabal has reported having her as a member (indicating either a spectacular cleaning job on her personal history or, somehow, her flourishing as a Solitary). No known next of kin, names or personal attachments. What her personal magical power and skills are.

She's a target, she knows it and she has apparently decided that the best defense is a preventative defense. She doesn't have to defend herself if no one can aim to take a shot at her. Since she's Mastigos, this fits well. She is probably a master of either Space or Mind (possibly even both) and those Arcana match well with any desire to be 'invisible'.
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