Jens Hage (highdancer) wrote,
Jens Hage

Snakes on a Train

Hiawatha's Path, Minneapolis

The mid-90s were an interesting time for Minneapolis. A major redevelopment of the Hiawatha corridor (Highway 55 from downtown Minneapolis to the airport) ran into several snags, mostly around Minnehaha Park. Eventually, inevitably, the development went through and the park was changed by the light rail.

Hiawatha's Path is a collection of several small cabals who were in the way of the light rail or were close enough to it to be subsumed into the larger cabal. They claim the territory in and around the LRT tracks and often meet on the train itself. They work from the Warehouse District down past the Metrodome, through the Longfellow and Cedar neighborhoods, past Minnehaha Park proper and through Fort Snelling and the airport, ending at the Mall of America.

The Path is a very loose collection, with internal cliques that almost qualify as their own cabals (Minnehaha's Light, a cabal original based in the park, is the most obvious problem). However they operate as a catch-all; almost anyone can find a reason to join the Path.

Politically, the Path treads lightly; they cross physical paths with Snelling Guard and the Spirit and can't really afford to antagonize either. They occasionally bump up against Block E at the north end. The Gray Lady uses them to safeguard an obfuscated path to the Mall of America, where she holds most of her meetings and they do operate with her support.
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