Jens Hage (highdancer) wrote,
Jens Hage

Out of Towners

The two Greater Minnesota cabals are generally considered to be St. Cloud Cathedral and Duluth. There is some belief that there is an underground cabal in Rochester, but if there is one they aren't speaking to anyone about it, probably unwilling to be coopted by Pan or more likely Seraphim.

Duluth, formerly North Star, was an independant cabal until Seraphim sent some of her people up starting in the early 80s. The cabal was slowly filled with Seraphim's loyalist (mostly from Landmark), eventually declaring for St. Paul. The Duluth cabal is slowly falling apart, requiring Landmark to keep dispatching new blood as local mages chose independent life or, more frequently, contact with the Greater Minnesota Council in the face of obeying the outsiders. Duluth has become a bit of an open sore, draining Landmark power. However, the extra votes seem to make up for it, giving Cathedral and Landmark extra political power at the cost of constant attention.

St. Cloud Cathedral actually has nothing to do with Seraphim's cabal; it was named after a local high school. The name annoys Seraphim and, predictably, Pan hasn't issued any orders to change it. St. Cloud joined Minneapolis almost immediately after Duluth was subverted, chosing to make their choice rather than having it made for them. The St. Cloud mages spend relatively little time in the Cities, chosing to spend their efforts locally, mostly in St. Cloud but also at the colleges of St. John's and St. Benedict's. St. Cloud usually votes the party line and is seen as, and perhaps is, relatively uninterested in politics so long as politics isn't interested in them.
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