Jens Hage (highdancer) wrote,
Jens Hage

Off To School (College and the Gopher Glee Club)

The cabal called College is one of the largest in St. Paul, often rivaling or overcoming Landmark. However, since most of the mages are, surprise, in college, only a few mages in College have any sort of seniority. The rapid turnover of College is responsible for the relatively weak power it can apply in society, but the raw numbers and enthusiasm of the young mages often makes College practically powerful.

College controls the St. Paul higher education system. They maintain their base on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, where Macalester College and the University of St. Thomas both make their homes. They draw a number of mages from Hamline, Bethel and the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus. All of the current leadership are professors at the member colleges and the regular meetings vary between member campuses.

College is engaged in a twenty-year cold war with the Gopher Glee Club, who serve the same purpose on the Minneapolis side. The older, more stable Glee Club has control over the immense University of Minnesota campus as well as the Minneapolis campus of St. Thomas. The Glee Club can trace its roots back to the early 1900s and has been a formative member of nearly all Minneapolis councils. The GGC also has designs on controlling all of the Twin Cities colleges, with College and Seraphim resoundingly reject.

The current dispute between the two is the St. Paul campus of the U of M. The GGC is continually attempting to snipe members or even control of the campus from College. Since GGC members do have a legitimate purpose to be on the St. Paul campus, College is not allowed to simply ban the recruiters and an uneasy game of espionage is always in progress there. Not to be outdone, College mages use the St. Thomas expansion to raid into Glee Club territory. As might be expected, Seraphim takes the side of College while Pan (and more often Swann) take the side of the Glee Club. The Gray Lady has stayed scrupulously neutral through the whole thing; neither Pan nor Seraphim have accused her of bias on this subject.
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