Jens Hage (highdancer) wrote,
Jens Hage

Snelling Guard

With the raw firepower of Landmark behind her, Seraphim often seems as if she's leading her own Praetorian Guard. Several people act surprised that St. Paul hasn't simply leveraged Landmark and overrun Minneapolis. Fortunately for Pan, it turns out that organized firepower overcomes raw firepower.

The Snelling Guard is not actually based on the real Fort Snelling, but in the Bishop Henry Whipple Federal Building just to the north. They only recruit active or former military personnel (one tour of duty or several years of National Guard or Reserve experience). Despite not being a traditional Obrimos cabal, they maintain the same military discipline that they were trained in. All members are expected to maintain firearms proficiencies, making Snelling one of the more dangerous groups.

Though Snelling is much smaller than Landmark, they have much better organization. Landmark is rife with the usual cliques, arrogance and self-importance that plagues most mages. Snelling is a dedicated and focused crew. The four known battles between Landmark and Snelling have been very much in Snelling's favor. However a combination of Snelling's small size, Pan's lack of interest and the military's traditional dislike of politics has keep Snelling from invading St. Paul. They seem content to guard the Mississippi and Minnesota and help out the Spirit of St. Louis at the airport for now.
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